All About Us

Who we are & what we do

Who Are We

We are a small (mostly family run) Website Design and Digital Agency based in Aberdeen Scotland. 

Our Mission

To provide cost effective digital solutions to sole traders, micro-entities and small business. Adding Digital Value.

What We Do

We are Digital Enablers…getting you online, providing email services and providing software solutions.

Our History

Hi, I’m Nick, the owner. I studied Chemistry and then a Masters in Information Systems and I am now a Chartered Engineer. I worked as a software engineer in the oil and gas industry for years and laterly as a Engineering Manager. I have always had a love for all things “computer”. I wrote programs in Basic on a Dragon 32 as a kid, moved into bespoke microprocessor programming and oceanographic mapping systems early in my career before writing PLC control and SCADA software. I have run my own businesses in the past including two ecommerce shops and various websites (which I built). I have even been an ebay Power Seller. 12 years ago I helped a friend get their business online and have been doing that, helping folk I know, get online, on and off since then.

Fast forward to 2020. Out of the ashes of COVID-19, this business Phoenix rose. I’d been sitting around a lot in my house like a lot of other folk. What happens now? Well, I decided with all the uncertainty going about that starting my own business and looking after my own future maybe wasn’t such a bad idea. I already had a few people I was working with digitally and had a fair bit of experience in that area so I just commercialised that. Here we are. We are ready to support existing businesses through the continuing turmoil and here to help the other Phoenix businesses rising out of the COVID-19 ashes.

There are others too. There is a small team of ad-hoc developers. However, its mostly a family business. I have a daughter who does business development, another daughter who is halfway through an Accountancy degree and a wife with a Business degree. I feel fortunate to have such a skilled family. We are all ready.