Why & what are the options?

About Domains

To do most things you need a domain. The domain of this site is They are not free, you have to pay a registrar to use them. It’s like a rental fee and you have to pay each year usually. If you have one great, you can either change the domain name settings yourself to do most things or (a better option) is to allow us to transfer it to our systems. We can then do all that configuration for you. If you do not have a domain name currently then we can source one for you and register it on your behalf. Our How Stuff Works Page has a great infographic that explains domains and how the Internet works.

Why do I need a Website?

The Internet is the new yellow pages. Customers search for and expect businesses of all sizes to have a presence on the Internet. Phone number on the side of a van just does not do anymore. Who will remember that in the passing? A website name, however, that is easy to remember. If someone is looking for a business to help them out, in the modern world, they just 'google it'. If you are not there you will not be found, with all you have to offer and your contact details too. Your competitors will. Let your website help do the selling for you. We help with that. How? Click the button below to find out.

Want to go it alone?

We are not doing anything you couldn't ultimately do for yourself (with money, time and patience). No website agency is. However, you need a domain name, some software to build the website (e.g. WordPress) and a webserver to host it on. We encourage you to learn and test what is possible for yourself. We believe you should get to do that for free. We can provide all the things above so you can try and give a DIY website a go for yourself. So, that's right, a free WordPress website to anyone who wants one.

Our Website Service

We will provide you with a fully managed website. Start to finish and beyond...


Work with you to pick a package. Get a domain name, organise the software, hosting and security. Set-up any email addresses that come with the site.


Get the layout of the website done and start populating it with content.


Work with you to fix any issues and content you want changed. A collaboration to give you exactly what you want for the agreed design fee.


Launch the website Perform ongoing maintenance, and agreed content updates. We take care of all that, the domain fee, hosting and other services fees all included in our one monthly fee.

Website Options

Which service package suits your needs?

Free WordPress

No need for a domain. A free WordPress site and hosting for you to give it a go. No support or help with the website, it's DIY.

One Pager

Simple one page website including a domain, hosting and 5GB business email account. Limited updates to contact details.


5 page website including a domain, hosting and 3 x 5GB business email account. Ongoing content updates and maintenance.


As you want it. Anything is possible.